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Paper cups are much popular in facilities like commercial centres, hospitals, offices, schools and so on. While compared to typical cups, paper cups offer more benefits. These cups are more advantageous in comparison to plastic cups. Paper cups that can be recycled may be defined as green paper cups.

Such cups gained popularity mostly in 1918 during the flu epidemic in America. Thousands of people used such cups to avoid infection. These were meant for promoting public hygiene. Though paper cups are available in many varieties, cups used for cold drinks and cups used for hot beverages are more accepted. Paper cups are made from paper or board. Later, they are laminated with a thin polythene sheet. The bottom of the cup remains sealed with a disc. In most cases, paper cups are disposable.

Benefits of using paper cups

Some of the important benefits of paper cups are as follows:

Eco-friendly – Such cups are made from paper, which is a disposable material. And thus, it decomposes easily. It is simple to recycle paper. Besides, you can easily crumple the cups in a better way than plastic cups. And this makes it more compactable.

Recyclable – Paper cups are recyclable. A pulp is formed with paper and water. This pulp can be further used to make new cups.

Biodegradable – Disposable paper cups are the cleanest products owing to their biodegradable property. Paper is made from trees and thus it usually doesn’t contain any toxic matter.

Variety – Paper cups can be found in various sizes and shapes. You can find these cups in different designs as well. You can dispose of the cups easily.

Safe – It is a safer version of cups in comparison to plastic cups. Green paper cups are very much in trend. Paper doesn’t react chemically with any of such consumables. Thus, whether you consume hot or cold beverages from these cups, it is absolutely safe.

Lightweight – People prefer to use paper cups as they are light in weight. You can carry them around without carrying much weight.

Different types of cup dispensers can be seen in restaurants, hospitals, and offices. This helps to store and dispense such cups without causing any damage. Cup dispensers are available in many varieties to store cups of different shapes and sizes

Benefits of recycling paper cups

There are many reasons to recycle paper cups. Let’s find out some of them.

1) Less number of cups will go to landfills for rotting and decaying.
2) Manufacturing paper cups need deforestation. By recycling, you will need to cut fewer trees. And thus, it can reduce deforestation. 
3) By recycling such cups, you actually will promote recycling on a larger scale. 

Recycling paper cups is an effective way to go green. Foodservice industry should promote this green campaign by collaborating manufacturers of these items. They should also engage food packaging companies that are aiming to provide greener and cleaner products to their consumers. 




18 Feb 2020 12:40:37 By progressive supplies paper cups, ecofriendly cups, Recycle Me - ,

To meet the increasing demands of the supply chains, businesses are in search of effective methods to preserve perishable foods. Food Packaging companies use chemical preservatives for food preservation. However, many of these preservatives are responsible for different health issues in people. Today, common folks are getting more and more informed about health and wellbeing. And thus they don’t want to consume foods that are preserved chemically. Here are some useful ways to preserve food without using harmful preservatives.


With this method, hermetically sealed boxes and containers are used for food packaging and storing. The heat used during the method extensively reduces the growth of microorganisms and thus enhances the shelf life of the food. Though canned foods are not completely microorganism-free, they are very less in number. Canning is greatly related to sanitation and cleanliness. The proper amount of heat helps to can and seal containers in order to prevent spoiling of food.

Previously corked glass containers were used. However, now the manufacturers use steel for manufacturing cans. Canned food can remain in a consumable condition even beyond its expiry date. Both low acid foods and high acid foods can be preserved using the method of canning.


This is another great and less-expensive way of Food Packaging and preservation. With this method, fruits or vegetables are completely immersed into a solution of salt and vinegar. Fermentation takes place while the food is in brine. And this causes lactic acid formation within the container. The high acidic nature of lactic acid slows down the process of spoilage.

Previously, pirates and sailors used this method for preserving food. Pickling is equally popular even today. Departmental stores have a huge collection of pickled foods. From pickled eggs to ghost peppers – everything is available in the supermarkets. Usually, glass containers are best to hold picked items instead of metal jars. A high level of acidity may react with metal containers and even plastic containers. And thus they are typically avoided. Sealed pickled containers can hold food in fresh condition for a year while the unsealed ones can hold food fresh for as long as 3 months. Pickling is a natural method of food preservation.


This is the most contemporary way of food preservation. This is simple, effective and natural. Freezer storage significantly slows down the growth of various microorganisms and thus delays food degradation. Commercially frozen consumable items use flash freezing for better preservation. Nowadays, rapid freezing is in vogue. There are many methods for freezing foods fast. With an air blast freezing tunnel, frozen air is blown onto the food. On the other hand, the flash freeze method is also very popular. The food is being placed in an environmental chamber and frozen air is allowed to pass through it. This quickly freezes food items. Frozen foods can last for years. However, be careful about freezer burn. This may cause moisture loss in food and thus degrade the quality.

Today, people have become more health-conscious than ever before. Thus they want to consume foods preserved in a chemical-free way. Canning, pickling and freezing are the most common methods of chemical-free food preservation.

14 Feb 2020 07:28:05 By progressive supplies Food packaging, Food packaging UK, Food Packaging - Sustainable,
Paper Cups

Plastics and waste, in general, is one of the most significant problems faced by the planet today. Single-use and non-biodegradable disposable goods have threatened the Mother Earth for years. People are gradually recognizing this issue and have started looking for ways to find more environment-friendly, sustainable alternatives. One of the changes that can make our everyday life more sustainable is by switching to paper cups at work. Plastic or Styrofoam cups were used to drink water or grab our morning coffee, what change has been made to your workplace to eliminate this waste?

Most workplaces face the dilemma when choosing between traditional ceramic cups, which can be used or disposable paper cups. Both of them are somewhat better for the environment. But, the right choice can have the upper hand because of:

1) Paper cups are recyclable, whereas ceramic mugs can't be recycled at all. Even if they are used, again and again, ceramic mugs are fragile and subject to breakage. This will end up creating waste that can't be recycled and end up in our landfills.

2) Many facilities use waste paper and other paper cups and hygienically recycle them to make new cups out of them — this way we are recycling twice in the process. Ceramic cups use a lot of our natural resources in the production.

3) Ceramic cups not only use more power in the production process, but they also consume water and electricity throughout because they have to be cleaned. Paper cups, on the other hand, can be used once and disposed of. The carbon footprint is lower in the latter case.

4) Paper cups are hygienic and lightweight. Ceramic cups can cause contamination if not cleaned properly and are bulkier.

5) Paper cups are cost-effective. Replacing every broken ceramic mug can be very expensive.

6) Paper cups can be customized to the needs of the company and can be branded if necessary. They also come in a wider variety than ceramic cups.

Summing up, the right disposable cups are way more eco-friendly in the long run than reusable ceramic cups.

Are all disposable cups sustainable?

This might shock a majority of the readers, but paper cups that have a plastic or wax inner lining are user-friendly. It has to be separated before the cup can be recycled. This is seldom done. Most facilities overlook this factor entirely, doing more harm than good. The whole purpose is neglected, and these cups end up rotting in the environment or take up space in landfills or oceans.

Are sustainable cups genuinely available?

Fortunately, Progressive Supplies do not deceive the customers. We make biodegradable paper cups lined with PLA, which is a plant-derived plastic, and it takes only six months to decompose. We care about the environment as much as you do and believe in being transparent and not harming the environment in ways hidden to you. We offer a vast range of products to cater to all your needs while caring for the planet.

16 Jan 2020 13:45:50 By progressive supplies Retail Packaging - Sustainable,

Businesses are always on the lookout for ways to stand out in the marketplace. More and more companies are using sustainability as the key to strengthening customer relationships and corporate reputation. But, are you perplexed about the ways to ensure the sustainability of the products you sell? Investing in eco-friendly retail packaging can be the ideal way to ensure social, environmental and legal compliance.

In today’s evolving landscape, consumers are increasingly in search of sustainable products and product packaging. The increasing environmental concerns and shifting purchasing criteria are factors driving innovation. Companies are turning to sustainable packaging for corporate social responsibility, reducing waste and lessen their carbon footprint. So, more and more brands are taking a stance for making a positive environmental impact.

Here’s all you need to know about transforming your packaging for sustainability.

Retail Packaging: Why Switch To Sustainable Solutions?

Investing in sustainability is essential since this is what modern consumers want. Today,  issues like excess waste, climate change, and unethical labor practices are more salient than what they were earlier. And, this has hugely affected the purchasing habits of consumers. 

Studies reveal that more people would purchase goods or products from brands that advocate for social responsibility. Therefore, businesses need to prove that they are making efforts to be sustainable. And, switching to sustainable packaging alternatives is a strong initiative ideal for every business. In fact, eco-friendly packaging is the most trustworthy evidence of a sustainable outlook.

3 Ways To Make Your Business More Sustainable

1.     Evaluate Your Needs & Goals 

Before you make the effort to increase sustainability with retail packaging, take a step back. You need to assess your specific needs and objectives. Although you may be tempted to keep the process the way they are, it will prevent your company from improvements. 

Check if every element of your product’s packaging design is functional. Additionally, check if there are parts that serve just the aesthetic purpose. Consider the package design as a whole and examine components separately. Identify areas that need improvement and assess every proposed change in terms of both added value and cost. 


2.     Make Sustainability A Part Of Your Story 

Your efforts for a better environment will go unnoticed unless you publicize your initiatives. Make sure you let consumers know what they will gain by supporting your company. To do this, incorporate sustainability into how you communicate with your customers. And, this is where content marketing comes into play. 


3.     Help Customers ‘Offset’ The Impact Of Their Retail Habits 

When people wish to be more sustainable in their approach, they often turn to their purchasing decision as to the way. Most consumers prefer brands to help them reduce their carbon footprint. Therefore, helping your customers ‘offset’ the impact of their retail habits can be beneficial. Also, it gives you confidence that your business is helping the environment and building customer relationships. 

So what are you still waiting for? It’s time to make a difference by opting for sustainable packaging solutions!

2 Jan 2020 13:08:28 By progressive supplies retail packaging, retail supplies, Retail Packaging - Sustainable,

Food packaging was always an area of business as food falls under the most basic need of human being along with clothes and shelter. With the advancement of Homo sapiens towards a comfortable life, the food pattern and types also made some revolution from only staple diet to luxurious diet is what we are getting in the 21st century. We are becoming more and more possessive rather selective to our oceanic varieties of available foods. Hence, people tend to travel or carry their food which they like the most and which is not always available in all places. With this context where food packaging has come in from the day people learn to carry food or preserve food until the present day. We here at progressive supplies have learned the art of manufacturing eco –friendly food packages of different shapes and sizes. Hence each type of food fits in there.

The environment angles

In the modern world where every human being contributes to harm nature either knowingly or unknowingly, we here at Progressive supplies do a little to contribute towards a greener planet. Our available food packages will help the sustainable development of the planet with benefits like reducing Co2 footprint, easy to dispose and eventually boost your reputation as an eco-friendly human being. So, do not wait till the doomsday start your green contribution with this small step of using sustainable food packages

Our field of expertise

We here at progressive supplies aim to develop all possible packaging related to food, be it cups and accessories, Cartoons and containers, Food paper wrap solutions, Retail, counter and bakery bags, Bags and carriers and Tissues and wrappings. In each of the said sectors, we develop packages and containers which eventually help your cause in saving nature. Progressive supplies aim to bring up sustainable development rather than earning profits eventually helped us in developing eco-friendly food packages that join hands with your movement to make the planet greener. Food packaging here means complete packaging solutions for any kind of food from its raw and manufacturing state till it comes to eatables state in your eco-friendly plates or cups Progressive supplies has a solution for all.

We help and develop ourselves

As we all know nothing can sustain in this universe until and unless it develops and evolves out from the previously existing version. Progressive Supplies do not only provide you with sustainable food packaging solutions but at the same time amaze you with our innovations. Our team is constantly on the business to make our products more innovative so that you can be eco-friendly with style, we also provide best offers so, that everyone can afford our products and always tries to do new things like printed packages. We do understand and care for our environment, your pocket and style. You already know where we are located and in-case you do not know then we are the leading sustainable food packaging solutions established in 1958 in London.

7 Nov 2019 05:49:32 By progressive supplies Food Packaging - Sustainable,

We cannot imagine anything other than ceramic plates along with stainless steel at dinner as an eco-friendly measure. But are these items sustainable? The answer would be NO. If you want to maintain a healthy and green lifestyle especially when you cater to a scrumptious meal for your guest, you need to read on this article. We have discussed in detail about eco-friendly eating supplies that might prove ideal for you. Be it Green paper cups or some eco-friendly products, you will get to learn from this article. Green Paper Cups


Cloth Napkins

The usage of clothing napkin is eco-friendly and it is plain and simple. There are numerous ways for sourcing your cloth napkins that depend on the overall style. If you have a sewing machine or are aware of the sewing abilities, then you can go ahead and customize your napkin.

  • a) You can also find across vintage napkin in the online portals. Maximum home good stores carry across brand new cloth napkin.
  • b) The maximum you are making use of them, you will feel better over time.
  • c) If you are doing it all alone remembers to wash and dry the fabric before turning them into napkins.
  • d) It is a known fact that the usage of clothes means landfills get less amount of paper.
  • e) We have discussed a lot about cloth napkins, but will it be ideal for usage when you assemble on a number for a social gathering? The answer would be No.
  • f) The seventh-generation lunch napkins are unbleached and are made from 100% cast-off paper.
  • g) This means they are ideal to decrease the need for virgin wood pulp.
  • h) If you are using disposable napkins, you are adding them to the compost pile, as the unbleached napkins are biodegradable.

The Plates

The paper plates are ideal for the betterment of the ambiance and they are very elegant and easy to use. They are natural and compostable. These plates are made from leaves of palm trees and papers. They generally come in a square shape of a round shape. The bamboo made plates are 100% organic. They are biodegradable and contain no bleaches and dyes. They are elegant and very robust.

The Paper Cups

Do not forget about the paper cups. If you are all in readiness to head to the park for a barbeque, you need to tell your peers to bring their stainless steel cups. But that is not ideal. It feels awkward. Better to use Green paper cups. These cups are disposable and are eco-friendly.

We have discussed in detail in this article about the eco-friendly eating supplies, which you can use for keeping the ambiance safe and secured from hazards.

27 Sep 2019 09:51:43 By progressive supplies green paper cups, Retail Packaging - Sustainable,

The present time is that of a massive shift in consumer behaviorisms. The paradigm of the retail market from around the globe has registered profound tilt away from consumer loyalty. A plentitude of choices has opened up new vistas of shopping for consumers. The current market ecosystem is not permissive of traditional marketing mantras. No wonder, brands have sailed far deep into an ocean of new marketing strategies. The power of retail packaging is now been discovered like never before.

Retail Packaging

Why the lack of customer loyalty is a double game?

Traditionally customers would place their trust and choice on selected brands only. On the one hand, this was beneficial for those established brands. However, this customer mentality was detrimental to a new brand to get its market share. With a change in scenario and near extinction of the concept of brand loyalty, the market is now an open space for every brand to play its part. The tag line is that marketers should use this knowledge effectively. It is only then that the current environment of open choices could become a boon or a bane of any particular brand.

The role of retail packaging

To start with the basic functionality of retail packaging is to protect the goods and ease out their carriage. But, in the current competitive mood retail packaging has to convey a concoction of a lot of factors. What can retail packaging exactly convey? 

  1. There is no better medium than packaging which introduces the brand.
  2. he customized retail packaging design should align with the brand's identity
  3. The design should get along with the target audience.
  4. It should be able to create a bond with the customers and introduce them to the assets of the company.

An attractive and communicative design is sure to arrest the consumer’s attention. It does the primary job of drawing customers to the designated shelves who then proceed on to check out the products.

What happens if retail packaging fails to impress?

The one obvious effect of an unworthy retail packaging is the dreaded drop in sales. This is the main reason why the retail packaging industry is so much into creating innovative packaging designs that help in creating a distinct brand identity.

The magic wand of retail packaging

One of the prime sources of all the power that retail packaging exudes is in its ability to arrest customer’s attention. In an exceedingly competitive environment, it is primary to tap the consumer’s attention in a manner that it acts compulsively. The design of the packaging is one of the main reasons why a customer chooses a brand.

The future of retail packaging

The boom in the retail packaging industry is here to attain fresh currents. The one word that guides the industry is ‘innovation’. New and thoughtful designs are going to be the staple for brands in coming times. The extravagant emphasis on changing consumer conduct is going to magnify the role of retail packaging.

If you are yet to wake up to the benefits of retail packaging for your business, it’s high time.

23 Aug 2019 10:26:11 By progressive supplies retail packaging, Retail Packaging - Sustainable,

Food packaging can be scientific method if you think about it. The current trends place the spotlight on food safety. If a food commodity is packaged well it stays fresh throughout the course distribution chain. In the absence of proper scientific packaging, the quality of food can greatly be compromised. Irrespective of the type of food and the length of the distribution chain, food packaging must be done in a manner that avoids contamination. It is also directly related to the shelf life of food commodity. Financially, the right kind of food packaging is a healthy business. People are progressively more into food packaging as much they are interested in the food item they are buying. Let’s delve into this slice of the packaging industry.

Food packaging which is good for the environment

The first criterion for good quality food packaging is food preservation. The next criterion is it being environmentally friendly. Are you someone who believes in not harming nature in any conscious manner? Then environmentally friendly food packaging will make you happy and satisfied. It is also a great way of establishing the environment-friendly brand identity of your business.

Food packaging that is opaque

Light is one of the major factors that accentuate degradation in the quality of some food items. Opaque packaging is thus a criterion for specific kinds of food items. Others may have controlled exposure for light.

Benefits of attractive food packaging

Food must appease the eyes as much as it does the stomach. If it is a plate or packaged box, it must be eye-catching. Thus, while choosing a food packaging you must pay attention to the aesthetics of the packaging design. The appearance is one of the proven tricks to attract the buyer’s attention. The value of well-packaged food products powers savory and sweet acceptance.

Customization- The cue for customers

Customized food packaging is a great way of creating brand awareness. Creative customization of paper food packaging or any other kind of food packaging is a fun way of attracting customers. Choose a vendor who allows fresh customization of food packaging.

Chemical-free food packaging

Hazardous chemicals have no place in food packaging. You must be very cautious that the entire food processing range must not consist of any hazardous chemicals. Brand owners who prefer chemical-free food packaging have better chances of customer loyalty. Food and health and environment safety must be a priority for the food packaging industry.

Food packaging according to a type of food

Chew on the fact that different kind of food needs a distinct kind of packaging. Fresh food, frozen food, snacks, candies and any other kind of food needs specialized packaging for them to stay fresh and nutritious. For this reason, packaging varies from one kind of food from the rest.

Organic food packaging

This are the latest trends that have joined the league of food packaging trends. These are the type of packaging of most earthy materials. They are zero toxic and environmentally friendly. They are gaining popularity among health-conscious people. The food packaging industry is here to bank on innovative packaging solutions.

9 Aug 2019 06:56:01 By progressive supplies Food packaging, Food packaging UK, Food Packaging - Sustainable,

In today’s world, there is a desperate need for everyone to contribute to a healthier environment. Regardless of the work that you do, you always have to keep the protection of the environment in the back of your mind and strive to make sure that you at least do not harm it further. If you are a coffee shop owner, you have quite a few ways that you can make sure what you are doing is eco-friendly. With that in mind, discussed below are some ways that you can run an eco-friendlier coffee shop.

This is How You Can Operate an Eco-friendly Coffee Shop

  • Paper Cups

The thing that needs to be realised about paper cups is that they are completely harmless to the environment. Their key features include being both recyclable and biodegradable. This means that if you choose to dispose of them, they can seamlessly be recycled, and even if they are not, they will disintegrate into the environment in no time. This means that the ecosystem won’t be harmed in any way, and that is why green paper cups are the way to go for coffee shops.

  • Energy-efficient Espresso Machines

You have to remember the fact that espresso machines require a lot of energy to operate, so you should try to get one that does not need as much electricity but does not compromise on the quality of the coffee that it produces. You may have your task cut out to find such a machine, but when you do you can be sure that the environment will be grateful to you.

  • Purchase from Local Sources

Another thing that you can do is to make sure that you are getting your materials from local sources. Not only will this help the local businesses to flourish, but you also have to understand that due to the reduced need of transporting the materials in from somewhere, the carbon emissions will also be decreased. Planes and lorries are all infamous for the carbon footprint they leave, and this carbon is anything but good for the environment, so you would be well-served if you can limit such emissions.

These are some ways by which you can ensure that your coffee shop is not harmful to the ecosystem. The damage done is significant already, so the last thing should be adding to it.

26 Jul 2019 13:59:34 By progressive supplies green paper cups, Retail Packaging - Sustainable,
Though there are various types of materials you can choose from to pack your cakes, the popularity of cardboard boxes is gradually enhancing. Nowadays, they are considered to be the best packaging boxes as they help in keeping your cakes safe and edible. Look for a company whose focus is on packaging your foodstuff in the best possible way so that they stay in perfectly fresh condition for consumption later on. You can even ask them to customise the boxes to suit your needs by cutting it to your desired size and shape.Read More
13 Jul 2019 09:38:57 By progressive supplies Food Packaging - Sustainable,
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