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If you are a foodie who loves burger, you must have tried everything you can to keep their freshness intact. Keeping the bun fresh for a long time is indeed a daunting task. Not packaging them the right way when storing them can dry them out prematurely or lead to the growth of mould. If you want to enjoy a lip-smacking snack, ensuring that the breads and buns are fresh is a must. There are a few tips you should follow when packing your burger so that you can store them for a few days.

3 Tips To Follow When Packaging And Storing Burgers

  • Cool The Buns Before Packing

Just because you want to enjoy your burger soft and fresh, it does not necessarily mean that you have to pack them the moment you have finished baking them. Allow it to cool down before you store it. If there is a cooling rack in your kitchen, place the bread on it and leave it for an hour or two at room temperature. Letting the bun cool after baking it is a part of the baking process. Touch them after an hour and if you feel that they have cooled down, pack them and store.

  • Wrap The Bread

The easiest way to maintain the freshness of the bun you have baked is by wrapping it properly before storing. You should wrap it in such a way so that there are no exposed portions which can dry or mould. Even if you have baked numerous buns together, wrap each of them individually before storing. The material you are using to wrap it should be flexible so that you can cover all the sides properly. The container should not be too large as excess air can make the bread dry quickly.

  • Store It Properly

Though you can pack the buns in a wide variety of ways, look for superior quality food packaging options. The microwavable and biodegradable boxes have gained much popularity in the last few years as they are available in various sizes and colours. Avoid putting the box in the refrigerator if you don’t want the bun to dry faster. There are even high chances for its taste to change if you store it for a long duration.

These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and choose the right food packaging product to keep your burger fresh for a longer period of time.

If you want to keep your food safe and protected, choose cardboard packaging. You will be surprised to know that the material has been used for food packaging for centuries. Over time, the material became more refined and corrugated cardboard replaced ordinary cardboard boxes. They are available in various forms and varieties so you can choose one according to your food packaging needs. The objective is to keep your food fresh. You can even reuse the boxes later for various purposes.

4 Reasons To Use Cardboard Boxes For Food Packaging

  • Keep Food Fresh And Safe

More than 50% of the cardboard material produced every year is used for food packaging. They are widely preferred to store beverages, juice, dry foods, frozen foods and candy. Cereals were earlier stored in paper packaging. Replacing paper boxes with cardboard boxes helped in extending the shelf life of cereals. Not only did it become easier to ship and store them but they also started looking more appealing and attractive. Corrugated cardboard packages are a safer alternative of plastic containers and corrugated trays contaminated with bacteria.

  • Reduce Waste

Since everyone is becoming environment-conscious nowadays, the demand for packing materials which can be reused is also increasing. You can repurpose and reuse cardboard boxes to create cat houses, bird feeders, fun forts or magazine holders. No wonder, the boxes have become the most preferred material for food packaging. Once you have done using them for transporting or storing food items, recycle them.

  • It Builds Excitement

Numerous people feel that unwrapping and tearing cardboard boxes are exciting. They even bring a sense of anticipation as opening these boxes takes a long time. They have almost revolutionised the concept of packaging in the food industry. You can even print appealing graphics and company’s logos on them.

  • Made Shipping Of Goods Easy

Gone are the days when heavy and large wooden crates were used to ship goods. Not only was their shipping cost high but also limited the quantity of goods transported at a time. Cardboard boxes have helped in reducing shipping costs as they are sturdy, lightweight and economical. Consumers can enjoy easy access to goods, especially food items, without leaving their house or paying huge shipping fees. Even assembling, disassembling and sealing cardboard boxes are quite easy.

Since there are so many benefits of using cardboard boxes for food packaging, it’s time you start looking for a reputed company offering superior quality food packaging solutions.

To meet the increasing demands of the supply chains, businesses are in search of effective methods to preserve perishable foods. Food Packaging companies use chemical preservatives for food preservation. However, many of these preservatives are responsible for different health issues in people. Today, common folks are getting more and more informed about health and wellbeing. And thus they don’t want to consume foods that are preserved chemically. Here are some useful ways to preserve food without using harmful preservatives.


With this method, hermetically sealed boxes and containers are used for food packaging and storing. The heat used during the method extensively reduces the growth of microorganisms and thus enhances the shelf life of the food. Though canned foods are not completely microorganism-free, they are very less in number. Canning is greatly related to sanitation and cleanliness. The proper amount of heat helps to can and seal containers in order to prevent spoiling of food.

Previously corked glass containers were used. However, now the manufacturers use steel for manufacturing cans. Canned food can remain in a consumable condition even beyond its expiry date. Both low acid foods and high acid foods can be preserved using the method of canning.


This is another great and less-expensive way of Food Packaging and preservation. With this method, fruits or vegetables are completely immersed into a solution of salt and vinegar. Fermentation takes place while the food is in brine. And this causes lactic acid formation within the container. The high acidic nature of lactic acid slows down the process of spoilage.

Previously, pirates and sailors used this method for preserving food. Pickling is equally popular even today. Departmental stores have a huge collection of pickled foods. From pickled eggs to ghost peppers – everything is available in the supermarkets. Usually, glass containers are best to hold picked items instead of metal jars. A high level of acidity may react with metal containers and even plastic containers. And thus they are typically avoided. Sealed pickled containers can hold food in fresh condition for a year while the unsealed ones can hold food fresh for as long as 3 months. Pickling is a natural method of food preservation.


This is the most contemporary way of food preservation. This is simple, effective and natural. Freezer storage significantly slows down the growth of various microorganisms and thus delays food degradation. Commercially frozen consumable items use flash freezing for better preservation. Nowadays, rapid freezing is in vogue. There are many methods for freezing foods fast. With an air blast freezing tunnel, frozen air is blown onto the food. On the other hand, the flash freeze method is also very popular. The food is being placed in an environmental chamber and frozen air is allowed to pass through it. This quickly freezes food items. Frozen foods can last for years. However, be careful about freezer burn. This may cause moisture loss in food and thus degrade the quality.

Today, people have become more health-conscious than ever before. Thus they want to consume foods preserved in a chemical-free way. Canning, pickling and freezing are the most common methods of chemical-free food preservation.

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Food packaging was always an area of business as food falls under the most basic need of human being along with clothes and shelter. With the advancement of Homo sapiens towards a comfortable life, the food pattern and types also made some revolution from only staple diet to luxurious diet is what we are getting in the 21st century. We are becoming more and more possessive rather selective to our oceanic varieties of available foods. Hence, people tend to travel or carry their food which they like the most and which is not always available in all places. With this context where food packaging has come in from the day people learn to carry food or preserve food until the present day. We here at progressive supplies have learned the art of manufacturing eco –friendly food packages of different shapes and sizes. Hence each type of food fits in there.

The environment angles

In the modern world where every human being contributes to harm nature either knowingly or unknowingly, we here at Progressive supplies do a little to contribute towards a greener planet. Our available food packages will help the sustainable development of the planet with benefits like reducing Co2 footprint, easy to dispose and eventually boost your reputation as an eco-friendly human being. So, do not wait till the doomsday start your green contribution with this small step of using sustainable food packages

Our field of expertise

We here at progressive supplies aim to develop all possible packaging related to food, be it cups and accessories, Cartoons and containers, Food paper wrap solutions, Retail, counter and bakery bags, Bags and carriers and Tissues and wrappings. In each of the said sectors, we develop packages and containers which eventually help your cause in saving nature. Progressive supplies aim to bring up sustainable development rather than earning profits eventually helped us in developing eco-friendly food packages that join hands with your movement to make the planet greener. Food packaging here means complete packaging solutions for any kind of food from its raw and manufacturing state till it comes to eatables state in your eco-friendly plates or cups Progressive supplies has a solution for all.

We help and develop ourselves

As we all know nothing can sustain in this universe until and unless it develops and evolves out from the previously existing version. Progressive Supplies do not only provide you with sustainable food packaging solutions but at the same time amaze you with our innovations. Our team is constantly on the business to make our products more innovative so that you can be eco-friendly with style, we also provide best offers so, that everyone can afford our products and always tries to do new things like printed packages. We do understand and care for our environment, your pocket and style. You already know where we are located and in-case you do not know then we are the leading sustainable food packaging solutions established in 1958 in London.

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Food packaging can be scientific method if you think about it. The current trends place the spotlight on food safety. If a food commodity is packaged well it stays fresh throughout the course distribution chain. In the absence of proper scientific packaging, the quality of food can greatly be compromised. Irrespective of the type of food and the length of the distribution chain, food packaging must be done in a manner that avoids contamination. It is also directly related to the shelf life of food commodity. Financially, the right kind of food packaging is a healthy business. People are progressively more into food packaging as much they are interested in the food item they are buying. Let’s delve into this slice of the packaging industry.

Food packaging which is good for the environment

The first criterion for good quality food packaging is food preservation. The next criterion is it being environmentally friendly. Are you someone who believes in not harming nature in any conscious manner? Then environmentally friendly food packaging will make you happy and satisfied. It is also a great way of establishing the environment-friendly brand identity of your business.

Food packaging that is opaque

Light is one of the major factors that accentuate degradation in the quality of some food items. Opaque packaging is thus a criterion for specific kinds of food items. Others may have controlled exposure for light.

Benefits of attractive food packaging

Food must appease the eyes as much as it does the stomach. If it is a plate or packaged box, it must be eye-catching. Thus, while choosing a food packaging you must pay attention to the aesthetics of the packaging design. The appearance is one of the proven tricks to attract the buyer’s attention. The value of well-packaged food products powers savory and sweet acceptance.

Customization- The cue for customers

Customized food packaging is a great way of creating brand awareness. Creative customization of paper food packaging or any other kind of food packaging is a fun way of attracting customers. Choose a vendor who allows fresh customization of food packaging.

Chemical-free food packaging

Hazardous chemicals have no place in food packaging. You must be very cautious that the entire food processing range must not consist of any hazardous chemicals. Brand owners who prefer chemical-free food packaging have better chances of customer loyalty. Food and health and environment safety must be a priority for the food packaging industry.

Food packaging according to a type of food

Chew on the fact that different kind of food needs a distinct kind of packaging. Fresh food, frozen food, snacks, candies and any other kind of food needs specialized packaging for them to stay fresh and nutritious. For this reason, packaging varies from one kind of food from the rest.

Organic food packaging

This are the latest trends that have joined the league of food packaging trends. These are the type of packaging of most earthy materials. They are zero toxic and environmentally friendly. They are gaining popularity among health-conscious people. The food packaging industry is here to bank on innovative packaging solutions.

9 Aug 2019 06:56:01 By progressive supplies Food packaging, Food packaging UK, Food Packaging - Sustainable
Though there are various types of materials you can choose from to pack your cakes, the popularity of cardboard boxes is gradually enhancing. Nowadays, they are considered to be the best packaging boxes as they help in keeping your cakes safe and edible. Look for a company whose focus is on packaging your foodstuff in the best possible way so that they stay in perfectly fresh condition for consumption later on. You can even ask them to customise the boxes to suit your needs by cutting it to your desired size and shape.Read More
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Food Packaging

If you are one of the manufacturers who think that choosing the right packaging supplies for your product is quite an easy task, it’s high time you debunk the myth. There is a wide variety of food packaging materials available for business owners to choose from and so choosing just one is indeed a challenge. The first thing you need to do is to pay adequate attention to the details of your product and the package.

Read More

Encouraging the use of biodegradable paper coffee cups can be a great solution to this monumental problem. Not only can these sustainable alternatives help in reducing the environmental footprint, but even be recycled.

Read More

Though there are various things you can do if you are willing to save the environment, it’s always advisable to start by getting rid of the plastic waste. This is primarily down to the fact that they are still considered to be the biggest challenge for the environment. Even if you can’t get rid of the plastic packaging materials generated in the supermarkets, there are still a few ways through which you can reduce the usage of plastic and keep our environment safe.


Willing To Help The Environment And Save Money? 5 Tips for You

  • Use Paper Cups

Though you can opt for those plastic coffee cups, the reusable and environment-friendly paper cups can help you save money in the long run. You will be surprised to know that there are even a few leading coffee chains which offer special discounts to customers bringing their own paper cups. Their size is also appropriate which helps in preventing spillage, the green paper cups are also completely biodegradable and can break down without harming the environment.

  • Stop Using Plastic Bags

Not everyone using reusable tote bags and shopping bags instead of the plastic bags is aware of the fact that it not only helps them to save money but even the environment. Putting fresh fruits and vegetables in plastic bags isn’t too hygienic either. The foldaway bags have also become quite popular nowadays as you can fold them up into small pouches and carry them with ease. These reusable bags are not too expensive either.

  • Stay Away From Single-Use Plastics

Few things we often use in our daily life without thinking about their impact on our environment are cling film, plastic cups, cotton buds, straws and plastic cutlery, among others. These single-use plastics are more harmful than you think as they require hundreds of years to decompose. The best you can do is to look for reusable or biodegradable alternatives like cotton buds made using paper stalks, stainless steel straws and proper cutlery.

  • Try Natural Cleaning Products

Even though natural cleaning products are generally a bit expensive than chemical products, they are worth the cost. Not only are they beneficial for the environment but even your health, if your skin is exposed to these potentially harmful chemicals, the damages they can cause will be long-term. The materials used to manufacture these natural products are completely eco-friendly.

Follow the tips stated above and you can save money while helping the environment.

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