Nothing beats the comfort provided by a cup of coffee. Whether it is the first thing in the morning or during a break on a busy day, coffee is a mood booster. You associate a lot of emotions with a cup of coffee, so why not link your brand to it? Times are changing, and you have to keep up with it to be successful. It is high time that you ditch traditional offline marketing techniques and opt for new ones. Branded green paper cups are emerging as one of the top marketing strategies. Ditch the old brochures and pamphlets and give this a shot. This offers a plethora of benefits like:

1. Brand visibility is increased: At any social gathering, anyone who drinks coffee from your branded cup endorses you. If people continue to see your brand name and logo multiple times, it will leave a lasting impression on their minds. This is a great way to increase brand visibility at a trade show, exhibition, or any social event for that matter.

2. One of the best mediums for advertising: On average, people take about 5-7 minutes to finish their coffee. During this period, people and most likely to notice the cup and also read whatever is written on it. It will help if you do not lose this opportunity. Put forth your company's offering, discounts, and sales and contact information for people to reach out to you. You will not get this long of a notice window as well as the success rate in any other forms of offline marketing products.

3. It can also help you improve your brand image and value: Offering a beverage at a social gathering sends a very positive message to the people present there. When they notice your brand, they will most likely see you in a good light. They will associate ethical values with your company and your brand. It will improve your brand image. You will also get a chance to interact with potential customers when they come to understand the drink.

It is a good idea to choose green paper cups for your business. People are getting conscious of sustainability and looking for eco-friendly brands. You can send this message by choosing bio-degradable paper cups for your company. Progressive supplies offer a wide range of such paper cups that can be customised for you. They ensure that they care about the environment while giving the best to their customers.