If you want to keep your food safe and protected, choose cardboard packaging. You will be surprised to know that the material has been used for food packaging for centuries. Over time, the material became more refined and corrugated cardboard replaced ordinary cardboard boxes. They are available in various forms and varieties so you can choose one according to your food packaging needs. The objective is to keep your food fresh. You can even reuse the boxes later for various purposes.

4 Reasons To Use Cardboard Boxes For Food Packaging

  • Keep Food Fresh And Safe

More than 50% of the cardboard material produced every year is used for food packaging. They are widely preferred to store beverages, juice, dry foods, frozen foods and candy. Cereals were earlier stored in paper packaging. Replacing paper boxes with cardboard boxes helped in extending the shelf life of cereals. Not only did it become easier to ship and store them but they also started looking more appealing and attractive. Corrugated cardboard packages are a safer alternative of plastic containers and corrugated trays contaminated with bacteria.

  • Reduce Waste

Since everyone is becoming environment-conscious nowadays, the demand for packing materials which can be reused is also increasing. You can repurpose and reuse cardboard boxes to create cat houses, bird feeders, fun forts or magazine holders. No wonder, the boxes have become the most preferred material for food packaging. Once you have done using them for transporting or storing food items, recycle them.

  • It Builds Excitement

Numerous people feel that unwrapping and tearing cardboard boxes are exciting. They even bring a sense of anticipation as opening these boxes takes a long time. They have almost revolutionised the concept of packaging in the food industry. You can even print appealing graphics and company’s logos on them.

  • Made Shipping Of Goods Easy

Gone are the days when heavy and large wooden crates were used to ship goods. Not only was their shipping cost high but also limited the quantity of goods transported at a time. Cardboard boxes have helped in reducing shipping costs as they are sturdy, lightweight and economical. Consumers can enjoy easy access to goods, especially food items, without leaving their house or paying huge shipping fees. Even assembling, disassembling and sealing cardboard boxes are quite easy.

Since there are so many benefits of using cardboard boxes for food packaging, it’s time you start looking for a reputed company offering superior quality food packaging solutions.