Disposable packaging plays a critical role in the food and beverage industry. Paper cups are one of the most popular items in the industry. It is very common for people to grab coffee first thing in the morning on their way to work. Most people prefer a to-go order; people sitting down for a cup of coffee is rare. Paper cups are also trendy otherwise. It is used in schools, shopping malls and workplaces. Any gathering that involves a drink will have paper cups. From significant events to family picnics, these are everywhere. Even if it is widely used, not a lot of people know the details of its making process.

How is it made?

Before getting to the paper cups, knowing about the raw material itself might be helpful. The primary raw material used in making it is paper, but it isn't the only one. Paper is made from trees. Debarked logs of trees are made into a pulp, which is mixed with other fillers to enhance the quality of the paper. This pulp is laid down flat on mesh screens. This then goes through rollers to flatten it as well as dry it down before it can be polished and refined to give the final product. The end product can be found rolled up in big bundles.

The next stage is printing the paper. If you need any designs on your cups, it has to be laid down on the article at this point. It is challenging to print on paper that has already been made into cups. After the printing is done, it is cut and folded by machines to make paper cups of various sizes.

You might be wondering, won't paper absorb the liquids and get soggy? The answer is yes, which is why the above process wasn't the last step in the process. Paper cups have to be lined with a special coating so that they can carry liquids. Generally, paper cups are lined with a thin sheet of plastic, which is why it can't be recycled. But that is not the case all the time. Companies like Progressive Supplies choose to take the environment-friendly path. They line their cups with alternative materials, which make their paper cups easily recyclable and even biodegradable. They also work towards making their company very sustainable. If you require paper cups which don’t harm the environment, this might be the company for you.