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Businesses are always on the lookout for ways to stand out in the marketplace. More and more companies are using sustainability as the key to strengthening customer relationships and corporate reputation. But, are you perplexed about the ways to ensure the sustainability of the products you sell? Investing in eco-friendly retail packaging can be the ideal way to ensure social, environmental and legal compliance.

In today’s evolving landscape, consumers are increasingly in search of sustainable products and product packaging. The increasing environmental concerns and shifting purchasing criteria are factors driving innovation. Companies are turning to sustainable packaging for corporate social responsibility, reducing waste and lessen their carbon footprint. So, more and more brands are taking a stance for making a positive environmental impact.

Here’s all you need to know about transforming your packaging for sustainability.

Retail Packaging: Why Switch To Sustainable Solutions?

Investing in sustainability is essential since this is what modern consumers want. Today,  issues like excess waste, climate change, and unethical labor practices are more salient than what they were earlier. And, this has hugely affected the purchasing habits of consumers. 

Studies reveal that more people would purchase goods or products from brands that advocate for social responsibility. Therefore, businesses need to prove that they are making efforts to be sustainable. And, switching to sustainable packaging alternatives is a strong initiative ideal for every business. In fact, eco-friendly packaging is the most trustworthy evidence of a sustainable outlook.

3 Ways To Make Your Business More Sustainable

1.     Evaluate Your Needs & Goals 

Before you make the effort to increase sustainability with retail packaging, take a step back. You need to assess your specific needs and objectives. Although you may be tempted to keep the process the way they are, it will prevent your company from improvements. 

Check if every element of your product’s packaging design is functional. Additionally, check if there are parts that serve just the aesthetic purpose. Consider the package design as a whole and examine components separately. Identify areas that need improvement and assess every proposed change in terms of both added value and cost. 


2.     Make Sustainability A Part Of Your Story 

Your efforts for a better environment will go unnoticed unless you publicize your initiatives. Make sure you let consumers know what they will gain by supporting your company. To do this, incorporate sustainability into how you communicate with your customers. And, this is where content marketing comes into play. 


3.     Help Customers ‘Offset’ The Impact Of Their Retail Habits 

When people wish to be more sustainable in their approach, they often turn to their purchasing decision as to the way. Most consumers prefer brands to help them reduce their carbon footprint. Therefore, helping your customers ‘offset’ the impact of their retail habits can be beneficial. Also, it gives you confidence that your business is helping the environment and building customer relationships. 

So what are you still waiting for? It’s time to make a difference by opting for sustainable packaging solutions!

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The present time is that of a massive shift in consumer behaviorisms. The paradigm of the retail market from around the globe has registered profound tilt away from consumer loyalty. A plentitude of choices has opened up new vistas of shopping for consumers. The current market ecosystem is not permissive of traditional marketing mantras. No wonder, brands have sailed far deep into an ocean of new marketing strategies. The power of retail packaging is now been discovered like never before.

Retail Packaging

Why the lack of customer loyalty is a double game?

Traditionally customers would place their trust and choice on selected brands only. On the one hand, this was beneficial for those established brands. However, this customer mentality was detrimental to a new brand to get its market share. With a change in scenario and near extinction of the concept of brand loyalty, the market is now an open space for every brand to play its part. The tag line is that marketers should use this knowledge effectively. It is only then that the current environment of open choices could become a boon or a bane of any particular brand.

The role of retail packaging

To start with the basic functionality of retail packaging is to protect the goods and ease out their carriage. But, in the current competitive mood retail packaging has to convey a concoction of a lot of factors. What can retail packaging exactly convey? 

  1. There is no better medium than packaging which introduces the brand.
  2. he customized retail packaging design should align with the brand's identity
  3. The design should get along with the target audience.
  4. It should be able to create a bond with the customers and introduce them to the assets of the company.

An attractive and communicative design is sure to arrest the consumer’s attention. It does the primary job of drawing customers to the designated shelves who then proceed on to check out the products.

What happens if retail packaging fails to impress?

The one obvious effect of an unworthy retail packaging is the dreaded drop in sales. This is the main reason why the retail packaging industry is so much into creating innovative packaging designs that help in creating a distinct brand identity.

The magic wand of retail packaging

One of the prime sources of all the power that retail packaging exudes is in its ability to arrest customer’s attention. In an exceedingly competitive environment, it is primary to tap the consumer’s attention in a manner that it acts compulsively. The design of the packaging is one of the main reasons why a customer chooses a brand.

The future of retail packaging

The boom in the retail packaging industry is here to attain fresh currents. The one word that guides the industry is ‘innovation’. New and thoughtful designs are going to be the staple for brands in coming times. The extravagant emphasis on changing consumer conduct is going to magnify the role of retail packaging.

If you are yet to wake up to the benefits of retail packaging for your business, it’s high time.

23 Aug 2019 10:26:11 By progressive supplies retail packaging, Retail Packaging - Sustainable,
Retail Packaging

Not every manufacturer is aware of the fact that customers make the decision of buying a product within the first seven seconds after they are introduced to it. This means that whether a person will become your long-term loyal customer or not will be determined within the first seven seconds. This is exactly where the importance of proper retail packaging can be estimated, it is the first point of contact between the product and the consumer. It is the medium which helps them to differentiate between various brands.

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