A cake needs to be packed in a box, and the box can be made of different materials. Still, cardboard boxes are the most preferred choice for packing a cake. The trend is gradually gaining momentum. The principal reason behind this is the ability of cardboard boxes to keep the cake fresh and edible for a longer time. It is essential to be extra cautious when it comes to packing a food item. The packing should be such that the item remains fresh for an extended period as there are chances that the food is consumed hours after delivery and all these while they must remain safe for consumption. Another significant advantage of using a cardboard box is the ease of customising. You can modify the boxes in various shapes and sizes according to the taste and preference of the user and the nature of the occasion the cake is meant for.

Top 5 Reasons Cakes Should be Packed in Cardboard Boxes


There can often arise a requirement for a long-distance delivery of a cake. In that case, it is crucial to consider the weight of the container. It should be light-weight. Cardboard boxes fulfil this clause well. Thus, the handling becomes easier, and cost efficiency can be maximised. Cakes weighing differently can be accommodated well by choosing this option.


Cardboard boxes can be availed from a supplier at a competitive rate. So, this makes it quite an affordable choice. The printing cost also becomes lower in the case of cardboard boxes. Lastly, it is a lot easier to load and unload the boxes during delivery as this option is chosen.


Another essential reason cake manufactures trust on cardboard packaging is to ensure the safety of their product. The boxes are made to maximise the protection and prevent the cakes from banging around. This keeps the cakes and pastries intact against jerks, shocks, and vibrations. Unless there can be drastic deterioration to the cakes.


The sturdy card boxes ensure that the cakes remain protected through transportation and delivery. Thus, the value remains intact even if the boxes go through extensive abrasion and pressure. They withstand it effectively to keep the inside product safeguarded.


The cardboard boxes are highly flexible and thus enhance their adaptability as packaging options. They can be easily customised in different shapes and structures, tapped, glued, or stapled easily. So, there is no need to take additional measures to handle them very carefully.  The cakes can be enveloped in a cardboard box completely and still can retain their original shape perfectly.

Thus, cardboard boxes prove themselves to be the best choice to pack the cakes and other delectable. They are reliable options to fit both the requirement and the budget well. So, choose cardboard boxes to retain the freshness, value, and appearance of the cake at its best. Progressive Supplies is one trusted supplier of high- grade cardboard boxes.