If you are looking for suppliers who can match your various catering and food packaging requirements, Progressive Supplies Ltd is the name to trust. We are a widely recognised company known for offering a range of bespoke food packaging solutions. Irrespective of what kind of food your business deals with, be assured as we have something to cater to all your food wrapping needs.

We understand how important it is for you to ensure that your food is packaged properly. A good quality package not only provides protection but even saves the food from tampering. It is here that our reliable services of Progressive Supplies Ltd come to the picture. From cardboard boxes to plastic food containers, our wide range of packaging solutions can suit any need and budget.

Our Products

At Progressive Supplies Ltd, we boast of a wide range of goods to suit all kinds of food packaging needs. Our products include-

Cardboard Containers

  • a)Nested Boxes

    Our nested boxes are easy-to-use and come pre-formed for quick and convenient use. The unique poly-lining and locking lid protects your food from being soaked into the cardboard.

  • b)Paper soup bowls and lids

    We have paper soup bowls, available in various styles and sizes. Our products have insulated ripple-wrap, providing double wall protection to preserve the heat inside.

  • c)Pizza boxes

    We offer a variety of pizza boxes to suit your business needs. We have products to match your preferred style and colour.

Plastic Containers

  • a)Microwave Containers

    We supply microwave safe containers which have been particularly designed to withstand the heat of microwave oven. These are available in various sizes.

  • b)Hinged salad boxes

    These are containers which protect your salad from getting soaked. You can avail our hinged salad boxes in your preferred size.

  • c)Gourmet Pots

    These products offer high-quality presentation and can be printed with your brand’s design. You can choose your ideal pot from our wide variety of gourmet containers.

  • d)Cold soup containers

    Our cold soup containers come in combo packs, consisting of bowls and lids. These can be used in freezer, microwave, etc.

  • e)Dessert Pots

    Our products offer high clarity for exceptional presentation of desserts. From 4oz to 16oz, these are available in various sizes.

Why should you choose us?

  1. Eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging solutions.
  2. High-quality food packaging products.
  3. Strong working relationships.
  4. Containers which come from ISO and BRC accredited factories to provide you the best material.
  5. Cost-effective packaging solutions.

Contact us to avail the best food packaging solution.”

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