If you are looking for a reliable paper cup manufacturer, Progressive Supplies Ltd. is the name to trust. We are a reputed consumer retailer offering bespoke and sustainable printed solutions to our valuable clients. Whether your drinks are served by cafes, restaurants or vended from a vending machine or supplied from a self-service bar; you will find cups from Progressive Supplies Ltd at your service.

Whether you love to walk down the bus stop with your favourite cup of espresso or stop by your favourite cafe during the lunch break, these cups are an integral part of your daily life. Among all other disposable products, paper cups form to be the most budget-friendly ones. Since these are easily portable, you are even saved from the hassles of complicated disposal. Paper Cups Manufacturer by Progressive Supplies Ltd are more bio-degradable than other available alternatives, making it the right eco-friendly choice for all your needs.

Our products

With an experience of almost 60 years, we have now perfected ourselves in offering you a range of good quality paper cups to suit all your purpose. Our range of products include-

1.Single Wall White Cups

These single wall white cups are produced from single polyethylene coated board and are available in various sizes. These are available in white, raffe or printed with your preferred design.

2.Double Wall White Cups

Built with double wall, our products provide high insulation from the heat emitted from hot drinks. These are available in various sizes and can be printed too.

3.Triple Wall Ripple Cups

Our highly insulated triple wall ripple cups consist of a unique insulating weave wrap. This helps in keeping your drink hotter for a longer period. You can avail these cups in various sizes.

4.Kraft Ripple Cups

These are exclusively designed for keeping the heat in and eradicating the use of cup wraps. Our cups have a stylish kraft ripple design offering you heat resistance along with good performance.


At Progressive Supplies Ltd, you can even avail accessories like-
  1. Wooden Cup Stirrer
  2. Cardboard Cup Sleeve Clutch Collar
  3. Rigid Pulp Cup Carrier

Why choose Progressive Supplies Ltd?

  1. High-quality paper cups, substantiated by industry leading product reliability.
  2. Bespoke printed packing solutions.
  3. Products manufactured to the highest level of environmental standards.
  4. A wide range of paper cups- from single walls to an array of highly insulated cups.
  5. Quality, ethical and eco-friendly packaging.
Contact us, to fall in love with our products.”

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