Patch Handle plastic carrier bags are our most popular style. We will always produce the polythene in a degradable material unless asked not to at no extra charge; Biothene and d2w are our favourite degradble mixes.
Patch handle carrier bags can be made from either LD Polythene or HD Polythene. Plastic gauges go from 30 mu (120g) up to 75mu (300g).
We can offer many sizes in this style of patch handle carrier bag. From small gift sizes to large duvet/homeware or toy box bag sizes Tell us what you need and we can quote today.

Printing anything from single colour up to 8 colours including 4 colour process and 100% coverage if required. The process used for flexible packaging if Flexogaphy. The film is printed as a flat sheet and both sides are printed simultaneously.
Once printed the film is converted where they are folded in half the gusset is added and the patch handle is stuck to the inside of the bag around the handle area, using a water based glue.
The handle is then punched out leaving a patch reinforcedment area around the handle.
Produced from a single gauge film they can be produced quicklye, offering a quality carrier bag at a competitive price.

Here are some fun bags printed to show whats possible .... and whats crazy.

Printed_Polythene_Carrier_fun_1      Printed_Polythene_Carrier_fun_2     Printed_Polythene_Carrier_fun_4


Other styles of Polythene bags are available in LDPE, MDPE or HDPE and Degradable material, all of which can be printed up to 8 Colours 100% converage. They Include:

Varigauge. As the patch but without the reiforced patch area the matetrial is ticker at the handle aera and thinner at the bottom. Slightly more expensive than the patch but just as stong and a great if you dont like the apperance of the patch.

Duffle Bags. Strong bags with a knotted rope drawstring attached, ideal for sporst and urban outfitters.


Flexi-Loop. Offers extra carring capacity, and looks smart too. With is soft-flexible loop handles this is a higher quality bag to the Aperture handle carriers such as patch or Varigauge. Materials and printing capabilities as above.

Clip-Close. If the Flexi-loop still leaves too much open close the bag completely with the Clip Close Rgid handles, excpetional for thos high value items.

                                                                                                 Clip_Close_handle_carrier _bag               

Vest Syle. Like the supermarket style bags Vest bags often made form a high density material meansd these can be very stong and still very thin. We also offer fully compostable as well as degradable Vest style carriers.
Sadly the fully compostable items do not yet have the tear strength or weight capacity on a degaradable material. Technolgy ios improving at it only a matter of time.


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