Luxury hand-made paper bags are an attractive and contemporary way to support the aesthetics and quality that define your brand. It is a strong and effective statement of intent that talks to your customers about the quality of products inside. Whether classically elegant or sporty and dynamic. Hand-made luxury bags are great both in functionality and marketing/brand development opportunities.
Our factories will be chosen to suit your requirements whether that is: price, quality, quantity, lead time or environmental factors. Call us to day for more details,


Product Features:
• Many different papers of 130-240 g
• Cardboard reinforcement in the bottom and turnover top
• Almost limitless flexibility in the sizes
• Offset printing up to 10 colours
• Internal pressure and also printed floor boxes are not a problem
• Plasticizing in gloss, matte or soft touch (anti-scratch)
• Relief or special embossings
• Various hot foil stamping
• Spot - UV varnishing
• Polypropylene or cotton cords, knotted
• Rips- or silk ribbons, bonded or knotted
• With handle hole punching, hoses,etc.
• Available from an edition of 5,000 pieces



Twisted Handle Paper Carrier bags give the luxurious style of a hand-made rope handle but with the lower costs of an automated production. The quality and strength is guaranteed by the double reinforcing sheet covering the handle areas and the 100g/m2+ paper weight. Furthermore, they the twisted paper cords offer a comfortable hand hold, so nothing stands in the way of a longer shop.

Printed_Twisted_handle_carrier_bag_1      Printed_Twisted_handle_carrier_bag_2  Printed_Twisted_handle_carrier_bag_3 


Our styles range from small handy bags across medium to large shopping bags. Sizes and paper weights can be matched from our various factories across the UK and Europe. For best printing results; we recommend Twisted Handle bags that are made on fully automated high-speed bag making equipment. With in-line flexo printing we can provide you with any level of design complexity plus ultra violet lacquers if required. For smaller quantities between 500 -3000 we use Hand-Fed flexo presses that are great for businesses that want branded bags without the quantities required for web run production.


Flat Folded Paper Handle carriers also known as Paper Tape or Top Kraft are the original handled paper carriers bag. Reliable and strong thanks to the 5-folded, flat paper inside handle with reinforcement sheet, this popular classic is a real powerhouse. We guarantee an extra high weight-bearing capacity of up to 15 kg. We stock White and Krfat but can drop ship in many colours and designs for any occasion in various sizes.
Available branded by web 5000 MOQ, or hand-fed printing process starting from 1000 pieces. 

Various coloured bags available on request overprinted 1/col colours include:
Black, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Green, Light Green

Flat_Folded_Handle_Carrier_1                  Flat_Folded_Handle_Carrier_2           Flat_Folded_Handle_Carrier_3          Flat_Folded_Handle_Carrier_4



1. Web-Fed Flexo Production.
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) 3 - 5,000 pcs
Print capacity up to 8 colours 5 sides
Sizes are fixed but it is likely that we can supply the size you want or very close from our partner factories across Europe and beyond.
Lead time dependant on factory, Average 4-6 weeks from approval of proofs
Approx. Prices are a guide only. Medium Sized Carrier - 320x140x410mm - £0.13 /pcs printed 1/colour

2. Hand-Fed Flexo Production
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) 500 or 1,000 subject to bag size
Print capacity up to 1 colour 2 sides
Available on Plain or Ribbed material.

3. Litho Production
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) starting from 3,000 pcs 
Print capacity up to upto 8 colour 2 sides




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