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RECYCLEME Cup Collection Scheme


Quick Overview

Recycle TriangleRecycleMe™

The RecycleMe Collection scheme in partnership with Shredall is a non-disruptive, flexible, cost effective collection scheme that has been developed after several years of combined efforts from Manufacturers, Distributors, Waste collectors and a European recycled paper producer to capture the high quality paper fibres used in cups for reuse as high grade stationary and copier papers. Once in the system the fibres can be recycled upto 7 times

Help your local environment and be a part of a global initiative to recycle 1 billion cups in the UK. RecycleMe in Partnership with Detpak and Shredall. Using the next generation of recyclable coated Paper boards used in cups and other Food To Go packaging products. 

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Recycle TriangleRecycleMe™

How can I prove the Cup Is recycled?
We can supply a certificate monthly quarterly or Yearly with the quantity of cups collected and recycled.

Can the lid be recycled?
Yes they can. If the lids are collected within the scheme they are recycled guarunteed. Shredall has identified partners for the plastic with confirmed end markets in the UK and via export. The lid will be shredded as the cups, bailed and then delivered to a reprocessing plant for recycling into polymer pellets for reuse.
Other collection schemes available generally will not recycle the lids and you should check with your local councils plastic recycling requirments.

How will I know a RecycleMe™ cup from an ordinary cup?
Genuine RecycleMe™ cups will be marked on the base of the cup with a RecycleMe™ bright blue logo.

How do I know where to take my RecycleMe™ cup to ensure it’s recycled?
We’ve made the RecycleMe™ System easy to implement and easy to use.
Consumers can find RecycleMe™ Collection Stations located at cafes stocking RecycleMe cups, and can easily separate their lid from the cup, and place in the station.
Our collection partners will pick up cups and guarantee they will be recycled. It’s important only RecycleMe™ cups are collected , as non-recyclable cups will contaminate the recycling process.
You can find out about other participating venues here.

Why is the RecycleMe™ technology innovative?
The RecycleMe™ lining has less plastic and an inclusion of calcium carbonate in the formulation meaning it is quite dense and behaves differently in the pulping process. For paper mills this is important as it means there is no additional investment or handling required when recycling these cups.

What types of cups will have the new RecycleMe™ lining?
Our next generation RecycleMe™ lining will be made available on all our standard range of cup types including single-wall, double-wall and Precision Series cups. RecycleMe customers can continue to custom print their own cups – the base will include a bright blue RecycleMe™ logo to ensure consumers know they can return cups to a RecycleMe™ Collection Station for recycling.

What makes the RecycleMe™ cup different from other cups?
Traditionally, paper cups are coated with polyethylene (PE) and other polymers to seal the cup and hold the liquid contents. However, these plastic coatings are incompatible with traditional paper recycling systems, meaning they are diverted to landfill.
Compostable cups with plant-based linings (PLA) require specific conditions to break down, which aren’t readily available — meaning these cups are also likely to end up in landfill.
The RecycleMe™ cup is engineered to be fully processable by standard recycling systems, allowing for the paper materials to be recovered efficiently and economically to be made into other paper products.

Does the new lining technology affect the taste of beverages at all?
Not at all, your hot drink will taste just as great. Coffee taste tests were conducted by a licensed Q Grade coffee taster; the result being no effect on the flavour.

Do RecycleMe™ cups still encourage a throw-away culture?
We understand BYO cups are an important part of promoting reuse, but BYO coffee cups are not always practical for the consumer or the café.
We fully support the use of BYO cups (see our favourite - The Huskee Cup, made from the discarded coffee bean husks!) but believe the RecycleMe™ cup is the next best option. The RecycleMe™ System allows the cup material to live out multiple lives and contributes to a circular economy.

How much of the RecycleMe™ cup can be recycled?
Up to 96% of the total paper cup is available for recycling. This is based on the removal of the lining component leaving high quality paper fibre.

Where is the paper sourced from to make the paper cup?
Our partner Detpak makes the RecycleMe™ cups using ethically sourced raw materials. Ensuring raw materials are sourced from accredited and sustainable paper mills as per all our products. Read more about our partners commitment to the Environment here.


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  1. Real recycling! review by James on 26/06/2019

    I’m so fed up of being let down by companies who say their product is recyclable but fail to mention that that doesn’t mean it gets recycled. I can’t see any flaws in this system so far.

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