Whether you wish to strengthen your retail store’s branding or planning to organise a remarkable event, availing retail packaging supplies from Progressive Supplies Ltd can be your best decision. Ever since our inception, we have been dedicated to working along with our valuable customers to provide them with the best retail packaging solutions.

We understand how important it is for you to create a lasting impression in the minds of your customers. From planning about the initial concept to printing and manufacturing to delivering the final product; our experts handle every stage with utmost care. We can explore limitless options of packaging solutions in a variety of materials and designs. Thus, with us by your side, you can be assured that your clients will bring home bags and boxes which will serve as mementos even after they have left your store.

Our Products

At Progressive Supplies Ltd, our diverse range of retail packaging solutions include-

1.Detpak Tin Tie Bags

Detpak Tin Tie Bags available in various sizes and colours like brown and white, our bags are ideal for various dry foods like tea bags, biscuits, coffee beans, etc. These are easy to re-seal and can be custom printed in various colours.

2.Paper Carrier Bags

Our paper carrier bags are your ideal alternative to plastic carrier bags. These products are both biodegradable and recyclable. Available in a variety of colours and sizes, these can give a premium feeling to your customers.

3.Foil Lined Hot Food Satchel Bags

Our foil lined satchel bags are ideal for storing hot food as they help in keeping the food warm and fresh. Based on your need, we can supply both plain and printed hot satchel bags.

4.Biothene Plastic Carrier Bags

Our biothene plastic carrier bags are known for their high-quality, bespoke designs and sturdiness. What makes these bags ideal for you is that its volume can be adjusted with its pressure and weight.

5.Retail Tissue

We specialise in printed retail tissues and silk colourfast retail tissues. Our products can help in maintaining your product’s appearance. These are available in packages of various widths.

Why should you opt for our products?

  1. Widest collection of retail packaging solutions to choose from.
  2. High-quality products you will feel proud to give to your clients.
  3. Custom printed carriers to promote your business in the best possible way.
  4. Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions.
  5. An extensive experience of almost 60 years, assuring you of guaranteed services.

Contact us now to bring your retail vision to life.”

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